About the Digiconnect Mobile Device Security in a Post Pandemic World Boardroom

As we all adapt to new work environments, we have become more reliant on our mobile devices to keep us in touch and give us remote access to corporate resources.

IT and security teams have long had excellent visibility into what is happening on desktops and laptops, and now use MDM/UEM to configure their mobile devices. However, most organisations have limited visibility into threats or potential breaches on mobile endpoints. Consequently, attackers know this and are always looking for the weakest links in the security chain, one of them being mobile devices.

Whether it is through device compromises, network attacks, phishing attempts or malicious app attacks, now more than ever, attackers are targeting mobile devices to gain access to personal and corporate data and information found on the endpoints.

As a CISO, would you allow a mobile device, corporate-owned or otherwise, to access your corporate applications, data, or networks without:

  • Having visibility to the “health” of the device?
  • Having an easy way to disconnect access of the device if it is “not healthy?”
  • Providing the users of those devices, a mechanism to proactively protect themselves against phishing, malicious networks, and malicious/leaky apps?

To explore these challenges facing many organisations, the Mobile Device Security in a Post Pandemic World virtual boardroom will be bringing together senior UK information security leaders to:

  • Discuss these challenges and latest best practices
  • Identify innovative solutions on how to effectively manage and monitor security events and incidents
  • Demonstrate how organisations can improve their ability to prevent, detect and recover from any attack on their mobile devices.

Benefits of Attending the Boardroom

Understand why mobile devices are fraught with security and privacy risks, what those risks typically entail, and what can be done to prevent them from occurring

Witness how a popular communication app can be breached - through a live demonstration - and learn about the many ramifications from the hack, including stolen data, passwords, etc.

Discover the best ways to protect your company and employees from potential breaches and threats



Time 11:00 AM CET(Central Europe Time) Activity
11:00 - 11:05 Welcome note
11:05 – 11:40 Overview of Mobile Threats Landscape
11:40 – 12:15 Live Demonstration of a WhatsApp Hack
12:15 – 12:30 Interactive Open Discussion and Q&A


Matt Irwin

Sales Director - North Europe, Zimperium

Matt Irwin is Zimperium’s Sales Director for North Europe, creating awareness on the growing risks associated with mobile devices and apps. A cybersecurity specialist with more than 20 years of experience, Matt has spent his time working on a broad spectrum of security and mobile related technologies and services. He’s worked in organisations such as PwC, Symantec, and Samsung.

Oliver Williams

Senior Sales Engineer - Northern Europe & South Africa, Zimperium

Oliver Williams manages Zimperium’s technical impact across Northern Europe and South Africa, advising organisations and executive sponsors about mobile threat. With a cybersecurity and app development background, Oliver has worked with a broad spectrum of organisations, addressing critical security concerns in mobile app, network and endpoint security.


Who Will Attend Digiconnect Mobile Device Security in a Post-Pandemic World DigiConnect?

Senior management members with the below job titles from public and private enterprises from across the UK:
  • Head of Information Systems
  • Head of Network Applications
  • Security Managers

About Zimperium

Zimperium, the global leader in protecting enterprises from mobile risks, offers the only real-time, on-device, machine learning-based protection against Android, iOS, and Chromebooks threats. Powered by our z9 machine learning detection engine, Zimperium’s solutions protect mobile endpoints and apps against device, network, phishing, and malicious app attacks.

Our solutions include zIPS which runs locally on any mobile device and detects cyberattacks without a connection to the cloud. zIPS provides persistent, on-device protection for mobile devices similar to what next generation endpoint protection platform (EPP) solutions do for traditional endpoints. To help organisations assess the security and privacy risks of installed apps, zIPS also includes our z3A (advanced app analysis) scanning engine. Learn more at https://www.zimperium.com/.

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